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There are many groups, organisations and individuals offering information relevant to the Pāuatahanui Inlet. On this page we're trying to help you find some of that information. 



Department of Conservation (DOC) now has a national webpage with information covering estuaries in New Zealand. This resource explores various aspects of the monitoring and restoration of estuaries around our country including, of course, Pāuatahanui Inlet. The restoration section includes links to the Forest and Bird's work in the Wildlife Reserve and there are also references to GOPI in the other sections of the page. The link to this webpage is: ESTUARIES.


STORMWATER is a big issue, affecting most waterways. Earl Shaver, an expert on stormwater, erosion and sediment control, runs Aqua Terra International Ltd, an educational website for those deeply interested in these issues. It may require registration to log in but it is well worth a look.


Unfortunately the monthly newsletter, Stormwater Meanderings, is no longer available but you could try contacting Earl on to see if back issues can be obtained.



We also draw to your attention a page on the Greater Wellington website celebrating BIODIVERSITY. The page Where the wild things are lists 50 easy-to-reach places that feature a diverse range of plants and wildlife. The sites include forests, mountains, rivers or coastal and marine life. The page is intended to guide people of all ages and levels of fitness to find interesting ecological areas to explore.


NIWA publishes much useful information under their EDUCATION section. Although the material is targeted at students, it is of interest to all.

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