True/false quiz 1




Which of the following statements are true and which are false?


1       An estuary is where the plants and animals of the sea meet the plants and animals of the land.

2       The shoreline length of the Pauatahanui Inlet is 13 kilometres.

3       The wildlife reserve is at the western end of the Inlet.

4       Te Rauparaha's nephew once built a pa at Motukaraka Point.

5       Cockles are univalves.

6       There was once a gold mine on the Inlet.

7       Pukekos, White Faced herons, Keas and Shags are all found on or around the Inlet.

8       Many crabs' eyes are situated on stalks.

9       The Royal Spoonbill, which frequently visits the Inlet, is black and white.

10     Pukekos are carnivores.



ANSWERS:  T,   T,   F,   T,   F,   T,   F,   T,   F,   T.

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