Try your hand at this crossword. The clues all relate to birds you will find in and around Pauatahanui Inlet. (If you get stuck, the answers are at the bottom of the page.)







Clues across

5. Such long legs; it looks as though it's walking on stilts (4,5)

7. White and majestic, but with a piece of cutlery for a bill (9)

8. Black or pied, it's the bright orange beak that is so distinctive (13)

10. A tunnel in a river bank serves as a nest for the young (10)


Clues down

1. With deep blue and black plumage the purple swamp-hen has another name (6)

2. A glossy green head is the hallmark of the drake alone (7)

3. It stands like a statue, poised to strike at a moment's notice (5-5,5)

4. Cob, pen and cygnet. What do these names remind you of? (5,4)

6. The fastest waterfowl in the air, it filters prey with a broad beak (9)

9. Hanging out to dry! This fisher has to spread its wings (4)






 5. Pied stilt; 7. Spoonbill; 8. Oystercatcher; 10. Kingfisher. Down: 1. Pukeko; 2 Mallard; 3. White-faced heron; 4. Black swan; 6. Shoveller; 9. Shag 


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