Rainy day activities



Is it raining?

Are the kids bored?

Are you planning to visit the Inlet?

Do you want support for your family's environmental practices?


In this section, We offer you a variety of things to do. You'll find quizzes, word finds, crossword puzzles, spot the difference pictures, and a whole lot more. Just choose an activity, print it off, and away you go.


Spot the Difference picture

Inlet word find

Find the magic word

Connect the dots

True/false quiz

Bird crossword

Colouring-in picture

Black swan maze



We're starting small, but we'll keep adding to this section. Please email us with your ideas and contributions.

We also encourage you to look at the resources we have prepared for school visits to the Inlet. Your child's teacher may use some of these but there are plenty more. There are 11 worksheets in Let's visit the Inlet, along with resources and activities to help your child learn about the following:


Tunnelling mud crabs

Pukeko and Pukeko for younger children




Te Rangihaeata

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