AGM 2016

Feedback from this year's Annual General Meeting

This year’s AGM was a well-attended event and we thank all those who came along to take part in the formal voting process and also enjoy the following talk and social chit-chat. 

GOPI life membershipThe highlight of the evening was the presentation of Life Membership to Neil and Juliet Bellingham, longstanding members of the Guardians. Neil and Juliet have served the local environmental cause with a life-long contribution to activities and educational resources for Pāuatahanui and the surrounding districts. In speaking of their work, Tony Shaw particularly highlighted their early involvement in establishing the cockle survey, and the production of ‘Pāuatahanui Inlet, a Living Resource’, much valued by teachers. Tony noted that these GOPI Life Memberships were the first ever presented.



The formal part of the meeting was longer than usual with some rule changes to approve and a historically large committee to vote in.  In speaking to his Annual Report, Tony drew attention to two special successes for the past year: the positive outcomes of the seagrass transplant trials and the very satisfactory solution that was found to the potential loss of expertise when the Pāuatahanui Inlet Community Trust (PICT) was wound up.

  • Porirua transplant crewSeagrass samples were transplanted to areas of the Inlet which had lost their colonies of this important species. While some plots were affected by weather conditions and did not take, others are doing well. This is significant for the Inlet and we hope it will result in developing a plan to extend the areas of seagrass that currently have been on the decline.

    Seagrass Team


  • The outcome of the winding-up of PICT has been particularly pleasing. Four of PICT’s trustees joined GOPI management mostly as a sub-committee, with their additional knowledge and expertise greatly strengthening GOPI’s influence in the community.

  • The rule changes to vote on were:
    • Expanding our aims and objectives by incorporating specific aspects of PICT’s primary goals into those of the Guardians.
    • Allowing for an increase in size of the committee so that we can incorporate the former trustees of PICT.
    • Increasing the minimum time require for postal notifications and formalising the notice given by email.
  • All three changes were passed unanimously.
  • The full 2016 committee was re-elected and expanded by the additional four members from PICT.
  • Finally there was discussion on the issue of jet-ski use in the Inlet, how we should approach this apparently growing problem, and what steps we could take to ensure the issue doesn’t get out of hand. This will be a subject for our committee to focus on during the coming year.

The informal part of the meeting was a talk by Reuben Mills, Environmental Manager CPB HEB, on the environmental protection measures being incorporated into the construction of Transmission Gully Motorway. This was an enlightening presentation on the outstanding work that has been carried out on this significant project, the techniques incorporated to mitigate sedimentation, the monitoring methods used and the ecological measures employed to protect some of the aquatic and forest wildlife (fish, birds and lizards) of the area. 

Our thanks go to Reuben for his contribution to our understanding of this subject.

The meeting ended with supper and a chance to talk about points of interest among all of us who attended.


I would like to add a personal vote of thanks to all our members, without whose support our commitment to the care and protection of Pāuatahanui Inlet would not be possible.


The Editor.



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